Getting to the core

Getting to the core photo

Every now and then, it’s good to take a close look at your core.

Companies look at their core capabilities. People examine their core values. Cities focus on their core urban areas.

At the core, you find the most important parts—the things that are central to you. And sometimes you find inspiration.

I started thinking about the core of quite a few things . . . my own core capabilities and interests, the core of my community, and the core of how businesses get things done.

What I found gave me a fresh focus on project management, the life sciences, the local economy, and the growing need to be fluid, project-based, technology-enabled, and customer-centric in the way that we work.

Bring these together and you have a bit of the inspiration behind Core Projective.

I’ll be sharing news, ideas, and perspectives on project management, communication, and service operations and how these traditional business functions are transforming to keep pace with the future of how we will work. I hope you will check back and follow along.

Oh, and if you are a project manager in the Bloomington area, don’t forget to check out the Community page.